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Salinas, CA


About Us/ Sobre Nosotros


Motivating Individual Leadership for Public Advancement (MILPA) is a purpose-oriented, mission driven collective committed to transforming organizations, institutions, and systems by advocating for inner and social transformation. We achieve this by promoting relational rather than transactional approaches within our overall work. MILPA incubates leadership through culturally competent professional development, networking, and entrepreneurship opportunities that build community power, promote upward mobility, and focus on social change. Our approach is grounded in La Cultura Cura (culture cures) and promotes cultural healing, ethnic social media, civic engagement, and movement building.

Building upon tradition and drawing from current market research, MILPA focus areas include:

  •  Conducting rites of passage, character and leadership development circles
  •  Designing cultural training and capacity building to support youth, community leaders, and emerging professionals
  •  Promoting racial and social equity through technical assistance and consulting to advocates, organizations and institutions seeking to create more equitable practices and policies
  •  Strengthening the social-emotional health, learning, expertise and leadership readiness for individuals and communities pursuing juvenile and criminal justice reform

Theoretical Underpinnings:

MILPA is a Uto-Aztecan Nahuatl word that translates to mean “field” and is an agricultural philosophy that is reflective of village and relational values found in cultures throughout the world, such as:

  •  An oral tradition of working together in community to achieve abundance, reciprocity and sustainability.
  •  A values-based framework grounded in multi-indigenous thought, narrative and symbolism.
  • A framework informed by a trans-national analysis of power, economics and advantage.
  • Applying cultural and inter-generational messaging for inner, social, community and institutional change.